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I want to commend the great work done by two of your employees - Rafeeq and Roshan today with getting my goods cleared through customs in Bangalore. Bank strikes and slow customs officials are forces of god that no one can control. Rafeeq did a great job getting my goods put through speedy assessment and customs duty. This one days' experience has elevated my impression about your employees and their service level. Rafeeq has been very prompt and proactive in calling me and informing me about status updates (to the point where I was able to go get some lunch while we waited for the customs officer showed up). He later called me on my mobile to tell me that he had gotten the Customs duty finalized and signed by the Asst. Commisioner. The final duty was less than what I had expected.

I am going to write a very good review about "E2E GLOBAL LINES" on a website called Return2India: http://www.r2iclubforums.com/forums/. I hope this helps you and Ganesh in getting more business.


Despite the challenges pertaining to the customs staff; their professionalism, demeanor and the overall handling of customs duty was truly exemplary. The sense of ownership, proactiveness and service excellence demonstrated by your staff nullifies all disappointment that I had with the delay of goods.

Just like Yogesh; you now have another ambassador & hopefully; our "word of mouth" publicity should help you garner more business.



I received the shipment and everything went great. All the staff @ E2E Global supported well and Customs clearance went very smoothly. Thank you very much for your support and I really appreciate all your guidence.

I am still waiting on the other sofa set, I hope you already sent them out on Aug 30th according to this email. If any changes please let us know.

Balram and Latha


THANKS, we received our shipment yesterday night. Rafeeq worked very hard to get that done despite many holidays and hassles. Great job on this and many thanks to Rafeeq and Roshan for their perseverance.

Siva K Vittala


I would be glad to give my feedback about the shipping service I received through Worldwide4Shipping & E2E.
Simple and straight forward pricing as opposed to confusing hourly rates based price from other companies where you couldn't tell how much you will finally end up paying for the service.

  • Container placed in front of my house in the USA over the weekend giving me time to add more stuff after the movers left.
  • Competitive pricing
  • Although a little 'stiff' in the beginning the movers in USA did a wonderful job of utilizing the container space and loading them to my satisfaction.
  • Ganesh immediate followup addressing my concerns about a prior customer's negative feedback on the internet was very impressive.
  • Rayan's patience in addressing my question through out the move process.
  • Friendly Lakshmi Narayanan's professional handling of the customs bureaucracy in Chennai and orchestrating the rest of the process in chennai.
Chennai Unloading team's great attitude.  I tipped them despite Lakshmi Narayanan's advice that was not necessary.

Weighing all the possitives and the negatives I would rate the overall service close to 'Excellent' assuming I don't find any valuable goods damaged.

Hope my detailed feedback was helpful


Thanks for the followup All the good have reached safely I have to commend for an excellent job done.
Thank you very much for taking care of this move. As you can see I have already referred two of my friends to use your service Subbu (bangalore)
Raj Kannan (Delhi)
keep up the good work
Thank you Umesh for making everything seamless in India Your customer service has been outstanding.



I appreciate the efforts by your team in ensuring that my packages reached Bangalore safely from New York. Everything is fine and we are very happy with the service provided. I have passed on a similiar feedback to my office in NY.

Tarun Jacob George


Thank you for the email, I am highly impressed with the service provided by Mr. JP and his staff, he was prompt in getting in touch with me and updating me regarding arrival of my goods, custom clearance right through delivery, also the goods were delivered on time and the day it was promised. Excellent service by your team, thank you for the great work. I will definitely recommend your company in future to my friends and family.

Sailesh G.


Sorry for the delayed response.
We have received all the boxes and are happy with your service. I have already included our satisfactory comments in your feedback form.

In case I plan to move back to US next year, I will definitely consider you.

Sunil M.

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